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Α. Terms and Conditions of Use

i. Introduction

1. The “” website (and any websites automatically linked to anyone of the above websites) (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) has been created for the users’ personal entertainment, information, education and communication. Use of the Website is governed by the terms and conditions herein that Website users/visitors, having first read carefully, unequivocally accept by use thereof.

2. The terms and conditions described herein, as well as any other applicable piece of national, EU or international legislation governing the Internet or the World Wide Web in general, shall apply to all Website users or visitors.

3. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) or any associated company shall be entitled to revise the Terms and Conditions at any time, by updating this message. All revisions shall be binding for users and shall be considered as having been unequivocally accepted upon use of the Website.

4. Where use of any Website service is governed by more specific terms of use, such terms shall be considered as an integral part of these terms and conditions. In case of any conflict, the specific terms of each service shall prevail.

5. and any associated company shall not in any case be bound by the Website’s content.

6. Minors are not allowed to use the Website and the Content which, according to the Law, are intended exclusively for adults. If, however, minors do visit, of their own accord, the Website or use its content or services offered therein, which could be considered unsuitable for them, and any associated company shall not be liable.

7. shall be entitled to interrupt or suspend, at any time, in part or in total, the Website’s operation or change its nature or content. Moreover, operation of the website may be interrupted, suspended or hindered, either permanently or temporarily, because of events that are beyond the control or will of

8. will make reasonable efforts to ensure maintenance and availability of the Website and Content, but availability may be affected by users' hardware, communications networks, a large number of people attempting to use the Internet simultaneously, or other causes of interference, and may unexpectedly fail or need maintenance.

ii. Content - Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights

1. The “” trademark and other related ones, which are used on the website, are registered trademarks of “..............” or another affiliated company thereof. The Website and its content in general, including but not limited to all texts and images, photographs (hereinafter referred to as the “Content”), unless otherwise stated, for specific rights of third parties, is intellectual and industrial property of and shall be protected by relevant provisions of Greek, EU and international law.

2. The Content shall be used as such and no modifications or other interventions may be performed by the user. In addition, the Content may not be wholly or partially traded (commercially or otherwise), copied, modified, reproduced, broadcasted, transmitted or distributed in any way by any user without previous consent of in writing.

3. Any products and/or services and/or the company name and/or trademarks or distinguishing characteristics of third parties which appear or may appear on the Website are the intellectual and industrial property of said third parties, who shall bear any responsibility related to the content, services and/or products.

4. Any communication or material or information which is transferred or broadcasted or sent via any services offered by the Website and in general all information submitted to through this Website shall be considered and treated as non-confidential and shall not be an asset of said user. Anything transferred or broadcasted or sent via the Website, if possible, or submitted to through the Website, shall be considered and remain the property of or its affiliated companies, and shall be free to use, without prejudice to the existing Greek, EU and international legislation and for any purpose, any ideas, concepts, know-how or technical process contained in the information, which is provided by the users of the Website to and its affiliated companies through this Website. By using this Website, any user can submit and/or may collect some information for any purpose the latter deems appropriate for its commercial activities.

5. Any trademarks, logos, distinguishing characteristics, company names and distinctive titles (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Trademarks”) which appear on the Website, either registered or not, shall be the Trademarks of and/or third parties. Nothing contained on the Website should be construed as an explicit or implicit license or right to use any form of any Trademark displayed on the Website without the written permission of or of third parties who may own the Trademarks displayed on the Website. It shall be expressly and strictly prohibited to the users to use the Trademarks which appear on the Website, or any other content of it, except as provided in this version of the Terms and Conditions.

6. Depictions of persons or places or things which are a part of the Website’s contents are either the property of, of its affiliated companies or are used on the Website by virtue of a license by their proprietors. Any form of use of these depictions by users of the Website outside the limits of the latter, or by any other person authorized by the users, shall be prohibited, unless specifically permitted under these Terms and Conditions or if a specific permission is given somewhere else on the Website.

iii. Responsibility of GREEKBAKINGSCHOOL.GR - Obligations of Users

1. Despite’s and its affiliated companies’ thorough efforts so that the content of the Website includes complete, accurate, reliable and updated information, does not guarantee the accuracy of these data. In any case, the Website users acknowledge and accept that may not be able to inspect the entire Content and security of the Website and its services. For this reason, is neither bound nor does it provide any guarantee or assume any liability or obligation regarding the Website’s security and content. Moreover, does not guarantee that the use of the information, data or materials included in the Content which is posted at any time on the Website will not infringe rights of third parties who do not belong to or are not affiliated with

2. Users acknowledge that they need to assess the content of the Website and that they are liable for any risk which may result by using any part of the Content, including any decision of theirs to rely on the accuracy, completeness, reliability and/or usefulness of any part of the Content. Consequently, the use of the Website by any user is performed at the user’s full responsibility. Neither nor its affiliated companies or their executives or directors, employees, collaborators, any representatives of theirs or any other party involved in the creation, the generation or delivery of the Content or in general the operation of the Website shall be liable for any direct, subsequent, incidental, indirect or consequential damages resulting from the access of any user on the Website, or the use thereof. Without limitation of the foregoing, anything contained on the Website shall be provided to the users as such, without any form of guaranty, either explicit or implicit, including in particular any implicit commercialization guaranties, suitability for a particular purpose, or inviolability. and/or its affiliated companies shall in no event be liable for any damages, including but not limited to any direct or indirect, special, accidental or ancillary, incidental or consequential damages, any expenses which may occur in connection with this Website, its use or failure to use it by any person, or in connection with any failure in performance, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay of operation or broadcasting or system line failure; moreover, they shall assume no responsibility nor will they be liable for any damage or loss caused to the computer or any other electronic means used by users so as to access the Website or for viruses or any other software which may infect the computer or the electronic means or any other asset of the user which is used to access the Website –when the users visits, uses or browses the Website– or to download any materials, data, text, images, video or audio files of the Website’s Content from it, even if or its representatives have been informed of the possibility of such damages, losses or expenses. Any links with other Internet sources are created under their full responsibility.

3. Although may, from time to time which is not predetermined, monitor or review discussions, chats, messages, transmissions, electronic bulletin boards and any other material or element which may be transferred or handled via the Website, has no obligation to do so and assumes no liability or obligation for any claim raised regarding the Content of the Website or for any error, slander of any kind, abuse, insult, omission, falsehood, obscenity, pornography, profanity, danger or inaccuracy contained in any information included in the Website’s Content. It is prohibited to sent or broadcast, transfer or handle any unlawful, threatening, libellous, defamatory, abusive, inflammatory, pornographic or profane material or any material which could constitute or encourage any conduct that would be considered a criminal offence, which could give rise to civil liability or violate any law in any other way via the Website.

4. Through the addition of “links”, hyperlinks or advertising banners, the Website may be linked to other websites, the providers of which have full (civil and criminal) liability for the security, legality and validity of the content of their website and services, which may not have been inspected by Therefore shall not bear any liability, including but not limited to any liability regarding intellectual and industrial property rights or any third party rights, for the content of websites or other electronic/internet sites that may be linked to the Website. The users shall be connected to other websites or electronic/internet sites via the Website under their own responsibility and without any authorization by and they are required to comply with the terms and conditions of use of these websites or electronic/internet sites and contact directly to their providers for any matter which may result from visiting and/or using them.

5. The users of the Website accept, agree and acknowledge that they shall legally and appropriately use the Website, being subject, inter alia, to the legislation concerning the transmission of data from Greece to member states of the European Union and to third countries.

Β. Confidentiality

i . Introduction and its affiliated companies respect the privacy of each user of the Website. This paragraph summarizes the information which may be collected by the Company and the method it may be used, as well as information regarding the actions that the user of the Website must take if the user does not wish to have the user’s personal information collected or further processed during the user’s visit on the Website.

ii. Personal Data

1. or its affiliated companies may keep a Record and process any user data (e.g. name, address, telephone number or e-mail address) (hereinafter referred to as “personal data”), which shall become available to through the Website and the services provided through it, only if said data are voluntarily provided by the users. In this case, the Company may transfer said Personal Data to its affiliated undertakings, provided that this is justified by reasons of operational and computerized servicing of its commercial relationship with the user or for statistical and historical reasons. Furthermore, recipients of the data contained in the Record for the promotion, support and implementation of the commercial relationship between the Company and the user of the Website may be third parties, who cooperate with the Company for the provision of services in relation to the Record, or the Company may (unless it has been otherwise specifically instructed by the user) disclose the Users’ Personal Data to third parties in order to advertise the Company’s products or undertakings with which the Company is cooperating, in order to research the market or any other similar activity, and to remotely promote its products or third party products. If any user of the Website does not wish to have the user’s Personal Data collected or possibly kept and processed according to the above, then the user should avoid submitting then to the Company.

2. However, if the user consents to the aforementioned collection, keeping and processing of the user’s Personal Data as referred to herein, then it is explicitly noted that the user reserves at any time the right to be informed or to refuse any further processing of the user’s Personal Data according to Articles 11 and 13 of Law No. 2472/97 on the protection of personal data. In order to exercise this right, each user can communicate with the Company at the following address: …………….. This e-mail address is being protected from any malicious use. Additionally, if a user provides the user’s Personal Data voluntarily, the Company may use this information, unless otherwise specified, in the following ways:

a. storage and processing of this information so as to better understand the needs of the users and the consumers in general, and the way to further improve the Company’s products and services;

b. any use of this information by the Company (or any vicarious agent or a third contracting party on the Company’s behalf in connection with a promotion) for future communication with the users;

c. any provision by the Company to third parties of collective –but not individual or personalized– information about visitors or users of the Website.

3. In case the user of the Website directly discloses the user’s Personal Data to third parties, the Company shall bear no liability regarding the use of the user’s Personal Data by said third parties. Therefore, it is the user’s sole responsibility to examine in person the relevant terms and conditions for the protection of personal data before disclosing the user’s personal data to third parties through the internet or the Website.

4. Finally, the Company assumes no responsibility in the event that any personal information of another person (including but not limited to the person’s full name, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.) was disclosed either to the Company or to a third party, either as part of the services or the Content of the Website or voluntarily by some user, without having first obtained the consent of said person which shall be made on the disclosing user’s sole responsibility.

iii. Minors

1. The Company does not intend to collect any Personal Data from individuals under the age of eighteen. Where appropriate, the Company will clearly inform minors not to submit such information on the Website and/or will make every reasonable step to ensure parental consent for said submission.

2. Parents should be aware that the Company’s Confidentiality Policy governs the collection, keeping in a Record and processing of the Personal Data by it, but with respect to any information voluntarily provided by minors –or others– in the context of chat sessions, exchange of e-mails, via electronic bulletin boards or similar means said information may be used by others so as to send electronic messages which the parents do not wish to be received by minors. The Company encourages all parents to inform their minor children regarding the safe and responsible use of their Personal Data when they use the Internet.

iv. Information or Data Collected Automatically

In some cases, when a user visits or uses the Website, some technical information which is not personally identifiable may be automatically (i.e. not via registration) collected. Examples of this type of information which may be collected is the type of Internet Browser used by the user, the type of the computer’s operating system used by the user to visit the Website and the domain name of the website used by the user in order to be connected with the Website.

v. Cookies

Cookies are data files which are transferred from a web server to the computer of the person visiting the Website for the purpose of keeping statistics. Cookies are an industrial standard used by most websites, and they facilitate repeated access of users to a particular website and its use. Cookies are not harmful to your computer system or your files and only the website from which a particular cookie was transferred on your computer may read, modify or delete it. If you do not wish to allow information to be collected via cookies, you may use the settings which most web browsers dispose of, with which you may delete the existing cookies, and choose whether to automatically reject future cookies, or you decide on the rejection or acceptance of any particular cookie on your computer. It should be noted however that the rejection of cookies may result in making it more difficult or impossible to use certain parts of the website."

vi. Pixel Tags

The Website may use technologies such as pixel tags, web beacons, clear GIFs or similar technologies. All above are collectively referred to as “Pixel Tags” and they aim to collect aggregate statistical data on the use of the Website and the speed of response. Pixel Tags help us count the number of users who have visited certain pages of the Website, provide branded services and determine the effectiveness of various promotions or advertising campaigns. When used in e-mail messages written in HTML format, Pixel Tags offer the sender of the message the ability to be informed as to whether and when the message was opened by the recipient."


These terms and conditions, any modification hereof as well as the use of the Website are governed by the Greek Law. Any dispute which may arise from the use of the Website will be referred to the competent courts of Piraeus (i.e. the First Instance Court and the Peace Court of Piraeus, depending on the amount of the dispute).

Notwithstanding all our rights.