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Our sponsors

Greek Baking School sponsors are companies with a long tradition and great specialisation in their respective industries, whose contribution is indispensable to the realisation of the School's work and vision.

Μύλοι Λούλη

With a long history of 230 years in the flour industry, Loulis Mills offers all the flours necessary for the School to operate, thus guaranteeing excellent results.

Loulis Mills boasts more than 120 product codes of professional use flour-semolina, and it is possible to achieve every creation with absolute success.


"KENFOOD SA" has been operating in the food industry since 1996; its main activity is the production of baking mixes and the production of and trading in baking, pastry, pasta, puff and other raw materials.

The company currently holds a significant position in the Greek baking mix and food raw materials production market, and thanks to its products, the baked goods produced in the Greek Baking School are of very high quality.


Clivanexport – Stefanou was founded in Volos in 1968, as a mechanical works company and manufacturer of machinery for the Baking and Pastry industries. With the passing of time, the company grew and widened the range of machinery it produced, and within one decade it relocated to the 1st Volos Industrial Estate and its owned industrial plant with state-of-the-art mechanical equipment.

Clivanexport is the mechanical equipment sponsor of the Greek Baking School and has provided top quality machinery that guarantee 

Rainbow Waters

Rainbow Waters is the largest water cooler company in Greece, which has earned the trust of thousands of corporate and residential clients thanks to the excellent quality of products and high customer service standards.