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Ελληνική Σχολή Αρτοποιίας

Seminar categories

Greek Baking School offers to professionals a series of high-level, innovative training seminars on Baking, Bakery Pastry, Bakery Financial Management & Marketing. Also in collaboration with Saint Georges Mills the school offers to kitchen amateur lovers seminars on bakery and pastry.


Baking and Bakery Pastry

Specialization in baking methods and techniques, in all types of flours and cereals as well as their attributes, in dough production technology, puff, and other flour- based products


Bakery Financial Management and Marketing

Development of professional knowledge in financial management, sales promotion strategies, costing, inventory organisation, setting up a new bakery, etc.


Love to Bake courses

Greek Baking School, in collaboration with St. George's Mill, opens their doors to the public and invites you to Love to Bake Courses! Courses from experts, for all of you, baking lovers, kitchen amateurs, people who love to knead, bake and enjoy your creations with your loved ones!  

Upcoming Seminars

  • Love to Bake Courses: Home baked breads with sourdough

    Greek Baking School, in collaboration with Agiou Georgiou Mills, join forces to bring you the art and secrets of kneading so that you have everyday fresh and handmade bread with the finest flour.

    You put your caring, devotion, enthusiasm and patience and the result will reward you.

    And because nothing compares to hot baked bread from your hands ... let's start kneading!

    • Start 25/01/2019
    • Total 5 hours
  • Love to Bake Courses: Cakes, Cupcakes and Sugarpaste #1

    Welcome to the most "sweet" seminar!
    A seminar addressed to all of you who want to master the techniques of decorating cakes and cupcakes, but also the heart of your loved ones with your creations!
    Come to make a healthy "Carrot Cake", to see how with cheese cream and pastry decorations we can transform a simple cake into a cake-treat.
    With "Politiko Cake" we will travel to the old days of our city. We will show you how to make a cake that is full of aromas and how to overlay it and decorate it with buttermilk and sugar paste.

    • Start 01/02/2019
    • Total 5 hours
  • Love to Bake Courses: Handmade Traditional Pies #1

    Among the tastiest dishes of the traditional Greek cuisine, pies are delicious masterpieces that awaken childhood memories full of flavors.

    Chef Kostis Kostakis, having already published his book "Pies by Hand", will explain how easy it is to learn the technique of opening the dough so that we insert this dishes in our daily life, the pies made like our grandmothers did. He will present us, a more light version of the pie, adapted to our new intense lifestyle.

    • Start 15/02/2019
    • Total 5 hours
  • Love to Bake Courses: Pizza, Calzone, Peinirli #1

    Pizza or Peinirli? Should we choose? Of course not, since both are the most favorite snacks based on dough and cheese.

    Pizza, the Italian goddess of taste, accompanying us at parties, at home movies or in a soccer match!

    With delicate and crispy dough or rich and fluffy, garnished with what we always want, pizza has conquered both young and old ages.

    On the other hand, from Asia, our favorite Peinirli, comes from the Turkish word peynir which means cheese. This beloved fluffy dough filled with delicious ingredients is considered the pizza cousin.


    • Start 21/02/2019
    • Total 5 hours
  • Viennoiserie and sweet and salty bakery breakfasts

    A specialized seminar in which students will make their own butter croissant , salty and sweet, breakfast products to be shared through their bakeries. A unique hands-on experience for those who want to experience something more in the breakfast world.

    • Start 04/03/2019
    • Total 18 hours
  • Love to Bake Courses: Fasting Goodies, Sweet and Salty


    A unique seminar for the 40 days pre Easter fasting. At this seminar you will create sweet and savory recipes that will surprise you.

    • Start 08/03/2019
    • Total - hours
  • Modern Trend in Ice Cream Production


    World market trends, combined with new ice cream techniques will be presented in a 3-day seminar full of delights. You will create flavors according to your customers' special tastes with the use of pure materials.

    • Start 18/03/2019
    • Total 18 hours
  • Love to Bake Courses: Pizza, Calzone, Peinirli #2


    Have you already attended our 1st seminar on Pizza, Calzone, Peinirli? Come and get even deeper  on the delight, for even bigger enjoyments. Come to learn more secrets, different recipes, the most appropriate combinations,  by practicing on your favorite snacks based on flour and cheese.

    • Start 22/03/2019
    • Total 5 hours
  • Love to Bake Courses: Cakes, Cupcakes and Sugarpaste #2


    A seminar addressed to all of you who want to deepen a bit more on the techniques of decorating cakes and cupcakes. Different recipes and secrets for fluffy creations, and special techniques for all of you sweet lovers.

    • Start 29/03/2019
    • Total 5 hours
  • 2nd International Bakery Seminar


    Through interaction with bakers from different countries, students will be able to broaden their horizons and gain new innovative ideas in baking and baking technology. The well known for his breads with his natural sourdoughs Beesham Soogrim and Gerard Hardeman, well known for his German breads, will lead the seminar and will present unique breads for 3 days.



    • Start 01/04/2019
    • Total 21 hours
  • Love to Bake Courses: Sourdough Breads with Beesham Soogrim

    A seminar exclusively focused on sourdoughs. The course will present various types of natural sourdoughs, various types of slow maturing breads and the use of alternative raw materials. The famous baker, for his natural breads, Beesham Soogrim, in a unique seminar for the Home Bakers. Unique breads and different techniques for making yeast, fermenting and maturing, in a seminar that will be unforgettable. Do not miss this sourdough workshop full of natural raw materials and various fruits.

    • Start 04/04/2019
    • Total 7 hours
  • Modern Trends in Tarts & Mini Sweets

    A seminar with an emphasis on modern pastry and new trend in tarts and mini sweets, from the famous Pastry Chef of the Great Britain Hotel Eugene Vardakastanis. Through this seminar, pastry chefs and bakers will evolve their window shop by using the right products and raw materials. A mini range of patisseries will be presented, consisting of tarts, individual sweets and mini sweets. At the same time new confectionery techniques and unique creative recipes will be presented.

    • Start 08/04/2019
    • Total 18 hours
  • Love to Bake Courses: Easter Sweets


    The Easter delights of this very important celebration are innumerable. At this seminar you will be able to create sweet traditional delights, full of smells that will remind you of our tradition. You will learn the basic features, secrets and unique easter recipes from our pastry Chef Panagiotis Tsiavos.

    • Start 12/04/2019
    • Total 5 hours
  • Love to bake "Ηealth & Wellness": Light sweets and snacks

    A cooking session with Chef Giorgos Tsoulis, dedicated to healthy, delicious and smart recipes! Giorgos Tsoulis will teach you how to make your own homemade snacks and sweets with the help of the flour variety of St. George's Mills.

    • Start 16/04/2019
    • Total 3 hours
  • Sourdough Breads, Maturing Techniques and Sourdough Technology

    Sourdough describes many types of yeast that are actually fungal crops. At the seminar, all categories will be separated from each other (Sourdough, Biga, Poolish, Sponge, Pate Fermante) and their characteristics, attributes and uses will be analyzed. In addition, all stages of the baking process (kneading, ripening, molding, baking) will be analyzed in details.

    • Start 06/05/2019
    • Total 18 hours
  • Love to Bake Courses: Handmade Traditional Pies #2


    Come and participate in one of our most delicious seminars. Among the tastiest dishes of our rich and traditional Greek cuisine, pies are always on the family table. Together with the famous chef Kostis Kostakis, you will find out how easy it is to create a dough that is crispy and tasty. You will fill your pies with traditional and modern fillings and enjoy unique creative suggestions.

    • Start 10/05/2019
    • Total 5 hours
  • Love to Bake Courses: Chocolate Deserts


    If you are a fan of chocolate, do not miss a unique opportunity to learn everything about it. Come and watch an amazing chocolate seminar where you can prepare and taste sweet chocolate sins exclusively from the Great Britain's Pastry Chef Eugene Vardakastanis. Chocolate creations that you can make at home and impress your friends and family. Come to discover all the secrets of chocolate through the most inovative and sweet recipes.

    • Start 17/05/2019
    • Total 5 hours
  • Bakery Management: Organize & Administrate

    Marketing, costing, leadership, sales, administration, change Management, in one of the most useful seminars for your business. The seminar analyzes basic concepts of administration that ensure the achievement of results in the modern bakery and pastry shop. Students will understand the behaviors required for the efficient operation of the business. They will learn the mobilization and recognition techniques for their employees in order to achieve high performance in an environment that favors productivity..

    • Start 20/05/2019
    • Total 18 hours
  • Love to Bake Courses: Cookies and Biscuits with Oil and Butter


    A seminar full of sweetness. The famous chef, Kostis Kostakis, will introduce you to the secrets of the biscuits and cookies. Whether you use butter or oil, the variaty of recipes that you will create will not only be enjoyable but also entertaining. Do not miss a seminar full of scents and smells.

    • Start 24/05/2019
    • Total 5 hours
  • Love to Bake Courses: Tarts, Sweets and Salty


    A seminar for tarts with buttery and crumbly doughs. Come and create fluffy fillings, sweet and salty, that will satisfy all the tastes. Whether as a dessert, or as a main dish, or as an afternoon dish, tarts are a delightful proposal that always excites.

    • Start 31/05/2019
    • Total 5 hours
  • Sandwich: Bread Baking & Filling Recipes - Cold Meals: Salads

    Techniques for sandwich breads and delicious fillings, fresh salad incredients, in order to create beloved snacks.

    • Start 03/06/2019
    • Total 18 hours

Why are we different

Our vision is to contribute to the improvement and advancement of baking in Greece, by helping industry professionals become better.

Experienced and perfectly trained teaching staff

The teaching staff of the Greek Baking School is made up of fully-trained lecturers and well-established professionals with multi-faceted knowledge and extensive experience, guaranteeing that our students will receive training that is appropriate and comprehensive.

State-of-the-art study hall

The Greek Baking School has created an ultra-modern study hall, specifically designed for training seminars. It has an amphitheatrical layout and is fully equipped with state-of-the-art baking equipment and full audiovisual systems. There is also a warm, inviting and modern break room.

Specialising in Baking

Baking is at the front-line of our School. Students will receive structured knowledge and specialisation in new techniques and recipes that will help them develop their art.

Non-profit making school

Greek Baking School is a non-profit organisation, as 50% of profit is re-invested in the School to constantly improve its operation and support its growth, and the remaining 50% is donated to charitable organisations.