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Ελληνική Σχολή Αρτοποιίας

Our Philosophy

Within a constantly-changing environment full of challenges and competition, professionals in the flours sector need to continually evolve and improve.

Greek Baking School was created to offer comprehensive and fast-track seminars on baking, food technology and bakery marketing, so as to truly help professionals to stand out.

The purpose of the School is to train professionals by providing all the technical and theoretical knowledge that will help them meet modern challenges.

The hall is available for rent. For more information, please call at +30 210 4090168.

About us

Loulis Mills is currently active in Greece and Bulgaria with four state of the art production plants at Sourpi, Keratsini, Thiva and Toshevo, occupying the 1stposition in the Greek Flour Industry in terms of milling, sales and technology.

The state of the art technology employed by Loulis Mills provides its customers with over 160 varieties of flour, thus ensuring the widest product range that is ideal for meeting all the demands of the professional baker.

The excellent and stable quality of its products is ensured through a highly-equipped chemical laboratory and its experimental bakery where there is detailed monitoring during all the production stages under strict rules of hygiene.

Its highly trained staff consists of millers, experienced bakers and food technologists, who ensure that there is constant quality in production and also focus on developing new innovative products that cover the ever increasing demands of the modern baker.

Loulis Mills features the best and largest nationwide distribution network with a large fleet of privately owned trucks and silo carriers as well as many associate carriers serving customers from Evros to Crete.

The expert staff in the sales department is available to customers to immediately assist them with a highly organized network.

Loulis Mills employs 285 people and is constantly investing in new technological resources and the upgrading of its plants so that it is always competitive and remain a front runner in the Greek flour industry.

Why we differ

Our vision is to contribute to the improvement and advancement of baking in Greece, by helping industry professionals become better.

Experienced and perfectly trained associates

The staff of the Greek Baking School is made up of fully-trained lecturers and well-established professionals with multi-faceted knowledge and extensive experience, guaranteeing that the participants will receive training that is appropriate and comprehensive.

State-of-the-art study hall

Ultra-modern study hall, specifically designed for training seminars. It has an amphitheatrical layout and is fully equipped with state-of-the-art baking equipment and full audiovisual systems. The hall is available for rent. For more information, please call +30 210 4090168.

Specialising in Bakery & Pastry

Baking is at the front-line of our School. Each participant will receive structured knowledge and specialisation in new techniques and recipes that will help them develop their art.