• Bread technology
  • FermentingTechniques
  • Maturing techniques
  • Proper Combination of Materials
  • Decorating Techniques
  • Mandatory Practice
  • Lecturer Ezio Marinato
  • Location Greek Baking School, 1 Spetson street Keratsini, 18755
  • Interests For professional bakers and bakery employees
  • Level Level 2 Moderate difficulty

    Mainly addresses to bakers who already have professional experience and are familiar with the basic concepts and techniques for bakery / confectionery, food technology as well as financial management and marketing bakery.
    The seminars are designed to further develop the students' knowledge by helping them to meet all modern era challenges.


A seminar based on Italian Bakery Tradition with the famous Italian bakery Ezio Marinato. Ezio Marinato was the winner of the European Bakery Championship in Switzerland in 2002 and the winner of the "Flavor and Nutritional Value" category of the World Cup Bakery in Lyon/France, in 2007. Ezio will prepare Panettone, chiapata, pizza, focaccia and other traditional Italian bread recipes.


Expectations and goals

At the end of the seminar students will be fully acquainted with Lievito Madre, Biga. They will understand the importance of fermenting and maturing techniques and will learn about the authentic flavors of the Italian bakery culture.