• Top Decoration Techniques
  • Sour Dough technology
  • Maturing Techniques
  • Sour Dough Techniques
  • Conservation Techniques
  • Fermentation techniques
  • Pizza dough Techniques
  • Pastry Techniques
  • Proper Combination of Materials
  • Mandatory Practice


  • Lecturers Josep Pascual , Rachel Blanchon & Christian Gillet, Francesco Genchi, Haris Papalitsas, Oriol Balguer
  • Location Greek Baking School, 1 Spetson street Keratsini, 18755
  • Interests For professional bakers and bakery employees
  • Level Level 2 Moderate difficulty

    Mainly addresses to bakers who already have professional experience and are familiar with the basic concepts and techniques for bakery / confectionery, food technology as well as financial management and marketing bakery.
    The seminars are designed to further develop the students' knowledge by helping them to meet all modern era challenges.


The first International Bakery and Pastry Seminar in Greece. Three top bakers, a top Pastry Chef, a top Pizzaiolo, and a Chemist specialized in the food sector will present a three-day seminar. Along with the international professionals from different countries, students will be able to broaden their horizons and gain new innovative ideas that will help them make the difference in their work.


Expectations and goals

Upon completion of the seminar students will be able to know and apply different techniques of preparation of sour dough, fermentation, maturing, as well as modern techniques from the pastry sector. They will also gain theoretical and practical knowledge and will be able to support similar productions.